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On race day you have to look closely to spot the indications; but everyone is doing something to prep himself for the alluring, enticing and dangerous delights of racing--it's part of that game. The game is embracing forces, barriers and sensations. Forces that you see or don't see; barriers that are real or not real; near overwhelming sensations which can suddenly vaporize; then transform into the sharpest possible focus of oneness with bike and track--the instant the flag drops.

excerpt of "Race Face" by Keith Code

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I wish everyone in the world could find something in their life that gives me as much pleasure as racing gives me. I've been laughed at when I said it relieves stress. The laughing stopped when I asked "how you could possibly think of anything but the moment you're in when you're doing 150mph dragging a knee, leaned 1/2 a degree from destruction?".