JeF4y Racing 2001 season wrap-up


Well, now the season is over.  I learned an awful lot, and had my ups and downs.  Although I had numerous DNF races, and missed a little over 1/2 the season due to lack of health insurance, I still finished pretty well.  Here are my standings.


Class My Standing # of racers Overall percentile
MW Superbike 40 134 29.8
MW GP 52 165 31.5
GTU 18 139 12.9
MW Supersport 17 177 9.6
HW Supersport 31 171 18.1


I'm pretty pleased with the way everything turned out.  The only class which I consistently raced throughout the season was Middleweight Supersport and it showed with the top 10% finish.  This next season I'm still undecided as to exactly what classes I will run, but I'm positive I will run Middleweight Supersport and Middleweight Superbike held on Sunday's.  Then it's just a matter of deciding and committing to a race on Saturday.

Given the choice, I'd race 2 sprints on Saturday and 2 on Sunday and forget the GTU, but I don't know if it will work out.  See, CCS changed the entry fees for 'Purse-Paying' races to $65 regardless of how many other races are entered.  Last year, races were $65 for the first race, $45 for the second and $30 for all others.

This year, it's still $65/45/30, but all purse paying races are $65 so If I were to race 2 sprints and add the GTU, my entry fees will be $175/weekend.  I could race 4 non purse paying sprints for $170, or 2 sprints and the GTU for $175. 

The dilemma isn't necessarily money, it's racing time.  Last year I found the GTU to be brutal on my body so I stopped racing it late in the season.  I picked up the GP class instead and enjoyed the sprint race.  This gave me 1 sprint race on Saturday and 2 sprint races on Sunday.  I enjoyed it, but wanted a little more track time on Saturday.  I'd ideally like to do 2 sprints on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.  However, the only sprint class I qualify for on Saturdays is the GP class.  Middleweight is great, but Heavyweight is a purse paying class so now I'd be $205 for the weekend which is a bit steep, and I'm then placed in a class with no limitations on displacement or modifications.  See the dilemma???

So here are the choice 'packages':

A.  $140  Saturday MW GP, Sunday MW Superbike, MW Supersport

B.  $175  Saturday GTU, Sunday MW Superbike, MW Supersport

C.  $205 Saturday MW GP, HW GP, Sunday MW Superbike, MW Supersport

Let me know what you think (email me here)  Thus far, I'm leaning towards package B which gave me ample track time, but seemed really tough.  I just don't want to end up crapping out 1/2 way through the season because the GTU race gets too long...