JeF4y Racing 2002 Season Schedule & Budget

Thank you goes out to all my sponsors who've ensured I have the best equipment at the best prices for my race season.  Please visit them and let them know JeF4y sent you over (links are at the bottom of this page).

The events I intend to enter in this year are:

Please feel free at coming out to any of the below listed events and looking us up.  We're always glad to meet the folks who frequent the site and follow my progression.  Additionally, we love a cheering section and a helping hand.

As you can see from the 02 Budget, this is far from a 'cheap' sport.  I've stretched the tire usage pretty thin, and have not budgeted a lot for crash damage.  Likewise, I haven't included any of the incidental costs (fuel, food, tools, etc).   I'm always VERY receptive to personal sponsors.  If you or your business would like to sponsor me for an event or portion of one, please contact me.  I will work with you on advertising and custom press releases to ensure maximum exposure; or I will simply give a quiet 'thanks' for the anonymous types.  It's really all up to you.

That said, on to the schedule:

Date Track Entry & Gate fees Friday Practice Tires Misc  
March 23-24 Gateway Intl Raceway * $215 $100 $320 $500 Repairs
April 6-7 Blackhawk Farms $215 $70   $195 VRS School
April 26-28 Road America** $375   $320    
May 18-19 Blackhawk Farms $215 $70   $350 Rain tires
June 1-2 Blackhawk Farms $215 $70      
June 29-30 Mid-America Motorplex $215   $320    
July 20-21 Blackhawk Farms $215 $70      
August 2-4 Road America $375        
August 25-26 Blackhawk Farms $215 $70 $320    
September 7-8 Blackhawk Farms $215 $70      
September 28-29 Gingerman Raceway $215        
October 5-6 Gateway Intl Raceway* $215 $100      
Totals: $2,900 $620 $1,280 $1,045  
*Double points weekend            
**Team Challenge     Total: $5,845    

2002 Sponsors