2003 Racebikes

Ride Purple?

Well, I couldn't decide between Red of 2001, and the Silver of 2002, so I figured the combo of a "silver rose metallic" would be decent. Then I shot the bodies.

Egads man... I'm going to have to change to "Barney Racing".

I started with 2 sets of bodywork. Repaired (best job that 3 hours could provide), and primed with a sprayable plastic filler. This stuff is impossible to spray! I don't know why I use it. It comes out like snot.

Here's a shot of the spraybooth. I feel a bit like Tony Sopprano. I could take a person apart with a chainsaw in this sucker and you'd never find a drop ;-)

Last year I just used one fan, but this year I opted for two. It draws enough air that I had to put in the side vent seen above. I just cut a flap over it so when air is needed, it will suck it, but it somewhat keeps the spray air out of the basement.

So here it is...

Here's the white. I'm waiting for the white to dry totally so I can tape it and purple shoot it.

Another pic of 'Barney Racing'

Here's the whole set complete

If you look at the larger images, you can see the poor repair job, but again I ran out of time to do it right.

In the closeup of the front, those are fiberglass resin runs, not paint runs. Surprisingly, I didn't run ANY paint this year. I did have some issues with getting the coats on WET though. Parts of one of the gas tanks went on a bit dry and you can tell.

It really didn't turn out that bad, and I'm sure it'll look better in a few days when I slap some stickers on it.

Until then...

And then there's this whole Barney Racing joke... Here's what I get sent ;-)