Product Review

AlpineStars GP-PRO Boots

by JeF4y

In mid 99, I was in the market for a pair of "real" riding boots.  Having read and seen AlpineStars everywhere (magazines, tracks, TV, etc) I focused in on them.  Besides, if they're good enough for Mick Doohan, they've gotta be good enough for me right?!?!

I managed to pick up a pair of Doohan replica GP-PRO boots on a discontinued closeout from an online store which I'd care not to mention.  (Trust me, you're better off spending your money elsewhere anyhow)  I paid about $125 and the boots were mine.

Sizing of the boots was a little big, but I knew this ahead of time so I compensated accordingly.  I wear a size 12 street shoe, and the Alpinestars fit me fine in a sz 11.5.  Out of the box, I was a little disappointed.  This was my first pair of 'real' riding boots (normally wear Doc Martins) and they seemed pretty cheap.  I didn't know how well they would hold up, but I was game...

A few points about the boots from my experience:

All in all, I am happy with the way they performed.  I ended up replacing them with a pair of Sidi Vertebras because I wanted to have more protection on my ankles and on the outside of my foot where I do most of my sliding.  Plus the Sidi's have 'bolt-on' parts so nothing should be flying off.

Here are some pics of my AlpineStars which are hereby retired...

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In this second pic, you can see how the heel wore through because my big hoof would hit the tire when I was cornering.  Eventually it wore through the zipper and I had to safety wire the boot.  A change in riding style and the different placement of zipper location on the Sidi's should prevent this.