Good day - Bad Day

by JeF4y

So I realized that I had way too much bike work to do and too few weekends to do it in, so I took off Thurs & Fri with the intentions of repairing the 99 F4 motor (from my F4 purchased new in 99) that had transmission problems last year, and then replacing the head gasket on the 2000 F4 motor from the bike I bought last year.

I was almost finished with the 99 F4 motor yesterday, and the reason for my transmission problems was still eluding me. Then I found it! The shift arm which goes through the motor and the shifter actually mounts to. The end that steps the transmission through the gears was literally TORN. I ordered a new one for a whopping $30 and that motor will be good as new. Cool. This will (well, was to be) my spare.

I think the thing that sucks the worst about this is that this is a part I could have replaced in about 30 minutes with the motor IN THE BIKE, but I did get the opportunity to learn more about the motor, and buy some new tools :-)


This morning (3/7/03), I started out by dropping the 2000 F4 motor from the bike to replace the head gasket. I was almost done getting it out when I got called that my trailer had arrived.

Totally COOL. Well worth the $5k and 6 week wait. It's F'n HUGE! 7x23... Cool RV door with a window and screen door on the side and everything. I was pleased to find my van pulls it pretty good. I was very concerned that it wouldn't have enough power, but thus far it seems to do fine. pics tomorrow when I have daylight for the new camera

So I got home, finished pulling the 00 F4 motor, and got it down in the basement. The head gasket would be about a 30-60 minute job. I pulled off the valve cover gasket and frowned seeing rust on one of the cam guide bolts. But the rust was in an area on the "outside" of the gasket, so I'm sure no water got into the motor.

Then as I start removing the cam guide, two of the end bolts down on the #1 cylinder (there are 20 bolts on the cam guide) were only finger tight! They were starting to back out. Sh*t, this can't be good!

I get the cam guide off to find my worst expectations not even coming close to what I was seeing. The exhaust cam has 4 thick grooves in the cam race by the #1 cyl, and there are matching grooves on the head and cam guide. SH*T SH*T SH*T SH*T. That's what this all amounts to... I have a 2000 F4 motor which is now SH*T.

It runs great, but is nothing that will go back into the bike. It would need a whole new top end (head, cams, cam guides) to be race worthy again.

The 2 loose bolts allowed the exhaust cam to vibrate slightly enough to deprive it of oil and burn it up. F*ck me...

So now I don't know what to do... I'll probably ebay the bastard for a parts motor or something that somebody can make a dune buggy out of.

The clearances are still in spec, but it's just a matter of time before the cam seizes. Well, at least I have one good motor...