Castrol Honda Replica by: Donald Lanier

This is just a short commentary on making an F4 look like the Castrol Honda race bike. The first part of all of this was a friend telling me that I needed a different look. I saw a picture of the graphics kit, and it was all downhill from there. The graphics kit is done by an Italian Company, and they are listed on the web at

I emailed the people there, as I was wondering if they ship internationally. Fortunately they have some great people there who not only speak english (I speak German, and a touch of Spanish--No Italian), but also who were concerned with me being happy with the kit. After a couple emails back and forth to find out pricing on the kit, and currency exchange rates, I ordered it. This came to a grand total of about 345,000 Lira, or about 117 US Dollars at the exchange rate when I ordered. I ordered online, used Visa, and all was well. That price included Fed Ex 4 day shipping. I was thrilled.

The company also does other race replica kits. They do Repsol Replicas, Rossi Replicas, and a couple other Hondas. For anyone else interested, they do most all of the other brands WSB bikes. Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, you name it. The lucky Strike is a cool kit as well.

The next step in the process was getting together suitable plastic and a tank to use. I had to do this, because I'm too much in love with the 99 red and black paint scheme, as altered by a tapeworks white wings kit to change my own. I put out a call to the awesome CBR list, and was well rewarded with responses.

Tony supplied me with a crunched gas tank, and two lowers in really good condition for $100. John Eschler out of Mi got me a tail section in amazing condition, with a pair of mirrors for $140. I already had a spare upper, and so with that being done I was in business. I took the Tank to Broad River Paint and Body here in Columbia SC, and Warren was a genius in putting it all back together like it had never been hurt. That was another $150, but well spent.

A great friend of mine by the name of Chris Cawood took care of all the paint work, with the assistance of of Chris Fisher. This took about three days to get it all right. I was fortunate on the cost of the paint. PPG can create the castrol green paint. I am told that it was troublesome to match it up. Only one pint of this is needed in order to cover all the green sections. For the required red paint, Chris had some leftover Mazda Red from a 1998 Miata that he was painting. Shockingly, this is a dead on match for Honda red. It might be useful to remember that to make matching up at the paint shop. The white paint was leftover from a local shop, and is called Performance White. This is a Ford color. I believe that it's used on the Mustang Cobra. The lines for the paint scheme are pretty straightforward. It took about three days to prep all the plastic and prime it, and do all the great paint work that you see in the pictures. The Clear coat, and green was all that I actually spent money on, other than feeding the painter all weekend, and his wife as well.

After waiting about 30 hours for the clear coat to cure, we began applying the graphics. This was pretty easy when using a soap and water solution before applying. Makes it real easy to put them on, and squegee it off and dries well. There were a couple of decals that were done by a local sign shop. The CBR is one, and the number plates on the tail were the other. These were done by a local shop called Sun Shades and Graphics. Most sign shops can do them, it's just a question of how much they are going to charge. This shop was reasonable.

Now for the sports fans wondering about costs here we go:

I don't think that's too bad at all, considering that as I understand it, the stock plastic and tank alone total $1811.68.

Well hope y'all enjoy.

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