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Woodcraft CFM Clip-on's courtesy of Me! (JeF4y)

Needing a pair of Clip-ons to replace the broken stock right clip-on, I looked far and wide, finally settling on the CFM's. I went with the aftermarket clip-on's vice continuing with stock clips because the aftermarket are MUCH lighter and the bars are replaceable for $15-25 each and they're readily available at the track. This is also why I bought the 2 piece clip-on's.

Most every set of clip-on's were between $150 - $250, but the CFM were generally advertised for $150 or under! (I got mine for $135)

Time to put them on!
Looks easy right?
Wrong! These things were an absolute PAIN to get on right. It's really no fault of the manufacturer, all the parts were fine, it's just that getting it all together was much more difficult than expected.

1. I removed the screw from the clamp and tried to slide the bar in. No dice. This took some serious prying with a screwdriver and I still wound up scratching the heck out of the bar ends.

2. I wanted to fit them below the top triple clamp, but again No dice (tried this with no levers or controls on yet). They fit there fine, just don't expect to turn as they hit everything.

3. Okay, fine. We'll go for the top of the clamp where the stock ones were. Slid the brake master cylinder on, and then the throttle twist body with switch controls. Well, I could NOT get the damned throttle body control to screw tightly together. After messing around with it for about 30 minutes, I grabbed the stock bar and examined it. There it was, a 3/16" hole in the bottom. I pulled the throttle apart and sure enough, an alignment pin. The pin refused to budge so I had to pull it apart and drill a 3/16" hole in the bottom of the right bar. This was no big deal though, because all the messing around I did left a good mark where the hole should be.

4. Moving right along, I get it all back on the bike and everything's feeling fine. Straightened the forks in the clamps (as they were slightly twisted from the last crash), put on the new stock front fairing stay (as the other was destroyed in the last crash), mount the gauges, put the RAM air ducts on and check for mobility. No dice once again. Just not my day! The bars and controls are hitting everything. No lock to lock movement.

5. It appears that I finally achieved some sort of success after messing for about another 45 minutes or so with them. I can now move lock to lock with controls installed. The whole endeavor took about 2 hours which really took me by surprise as I expected it to be a 15 minute job.

Well, they're on and look pretty good. Still need to get some grips. I'll have to let you know how they hold up, but I don't foresee any problems with them.

Where'd I get mine?
I'm not sponsored or compensated at all by Hi-Sideracing, but I'm here to tell you that they have OUTSTANDING prices and EXCELLENT service. I'll keep going back there for sure (well, at least until I get a factory ride! which I guess means forever!)

Note, at the time of purchasing this item and writing this review, I was NOT sponsored by I have since been picked up as a sponsored rider with Hi-Sideracing. However, it still does not affect my feelings of the product in this review, or the service provided by Try them for yourself, you won't be disappointed. -JeF4y.

What's in the CFM clip-on package

Pic of the left clip-on on the bike

Pic of the right clip-on on the bike

Pic of both clip-on's on the bike