Product Review of:
Woodcraft CFM Rearsets courtesy of Me! (JeF4y)

GP Shift pattern shown at the bottom with comments.

Needing a pair of Rearsets to (a) replace the right peg bracket which was broken in a crash, and (b) increase my ground clearence (which caused the crash to begin with), I looked far and wide, finally settling on the CFM's.

Most every set of rear-sets were between $300 - $400, but the CFM were generally advertised for $200 or under! (I got mine for $190)

What's the catch?
The CFM rearsets use the stock brake and shift levers. I found this to be adventageous as (a) it dropped the price significantly, and (b) I had both levers still in tact!

Oh, and there's some assembly required.
This I didn't plan on and was surprised when they arrived on a flat card, plastic wrapped. It's no big deal, and everything goes together as advertised, but it does require Red permanent Loctite (I also bought the semi-permanent kind too) for assembly.

All the parts seem solid enough to hold up to a crash, but time will tell. They are advertised to withstand "crash after crash". Hopefully I will not test that advertisement, but the odds say I will have them on the track a time or two by the end of next season.

They came with spacers to keep them far enough away from the frame so the brake lever will not rub the swingarm which was a problem on some of the aftermarket F4 "rearset plates". Everything seems well thought out. They also come with a long shift rod although the instructions state that if you use the GP (reversed) shift pattern, the supplied rod may need to be shortened. I use the GP style and found that the stock rod is the perfect length for this purpose.

Where'd I get mine?
I'm not sponsored or compensated at all by Hi-Sideracing, but I'm here to tell you that they have OUTSTANDING prices and EXCELLENT service. I'll keep going back there for sure (well, at least until I get a factory ride! which I guess means forever!)

Note, at the time of purchasing this item and writing this review, I was NOT sponsored by I have since been picked up as a sponsored rider with Hi-Sideracing. However, it still does not affect my feelings of the product in this review, or the service provided by Try them for yourself, you won't be disappointed. -JeF4y.

What's in the Woodcraft CFM rear-set package

Right CFM rear-set on the bike.

Left CFM rear-set on the bike.

GP Shift pattern (1 up, 5 down). All this requires is the removal of the front sprocket guard. If you wear shoes or boots with laces, I would NOT recommend doing this. I am using this for racing so it's no big deal to me. The only "problem" I ran into was getting the bolt back into the arm that's on the transmission. The reason for the problem is that only 1 side is threaded, and when you flip it around, you then have to put the bolt in from the front instead of the back. Well, this poses a difficulty as the waterpump is in the way. What I did to get around this was to connect the lever and arm using the rod, then pull the shift lever UP and hold it there. This pushes the arm forward and gives you just enough room to squeek the bolt in.