Close Encounter, near brush with the law.

I've had my F3 for a little over a month now and in that time I've quickly
gained confidence and ability on the bike.  Along with that confidence and
in riding with other people, I developed a sense of invincibility toward the
law.  I've always had sports cars but kept the spirited driving to well
known back roads and have been able to keep a clean driving record.  On the
bike for some reason, I feel completely comfortable cruising mile after mile
at 80-90mph just so I can take those 40mph corners at the right speed :-)
In the back of my mind I knew that eventually I was going to fly past a cop
and I figured it would be pretty easy to get away but that was about the
extent of my planning.

So yesterday, I was cruising back from a training seminar, flying along
unfamiliar backroads at 80mph passing cars whenever I came to them.  I came
upon a car in a long straight stretch and as I pulled out to pass, another
car came over the hill.  I knew I had plenty of room so with a flick of the
wrist, I passed him...  You guessed it, I blew by the cop at over 100 and as
I saw him slam on the brakes I thought about my choices, if I pulled over,
there was I good chance I wouldn't be riding the bike home and likely would
have to sell it to pay for the fines, or... I rolled on the throttle and
flew through the next couple miles at mach1 looking for somewhere to hide.
I finally came to an intersection and took the less obvious choice, as I
rocketed up the road, thankful for my quiet stock exhaust, I could see the
cop coming in the distance.  At the next intersection, I took a right.  As I
crested the hill, the road turned to gravel, ok, I can do this, luckily that
only lasted for awhile.  I took the next left and came upon road
construction, a giant backhoe and a deep trough across the road.  At this
point I decided to just pull over and wait, if he found me, that was that.
As I waited, I noticed a couple cars come through the construction site,
maybe there was a way around.  I jumped back on the bike to find out.  There
was away around - for a dirt bike!  At that point I was committed so I kept
a little speed and managed though the gully filled with soft gravel without
dumping the bike.  OK, back on pavement, a mile later I came upon a town
that was actually on my map, the map showed 2 roads coming into this town,
both of them came from my original backroad :-(   I decided to take the
detour instead of the gravel gully on the way back and, Oh joy, it was
gravel.  I finally came out on my original route and headed south again at
56mph just knowing that cop was just around the bend.  I finally passed my
original turn off spot and started to feel a little better.

So I made it the rest of the way home without incident except it was
completely dark and I was exhausted.  I guess I've had my first wakeup call,
hopefully it'll last awhile.