Product Review:
Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator Kit for 99 CBR600 F4
With thanks to Author Paul Hoch

Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator Kit for 99 CBR600 F4

Price: 139.95 (free shipping because I ordered it online at )

Shipping time: Couple of days. Arrived very quickly.

Parts Quality: Extremely poor. The material used is fine, but the fit and finish on all parts was bad. It is composed of several stainless sheets that are snipped. All of the edges are sharp. There is a warning enclosed about the sharpness of the materials, but they shouldn't be that way to begin with!! They should be smoothed and rounded during the fabrication process.

Installation: Also extremely poor. The directions enclosed were not clear (literally and figuratively). What I received looked like a 7th generation photo copy. All of the images were blurry. The instructions did not give good measurements or direction. You are required to cut off the factory rear fender, and they don't specify clearly where that needs to happen. I came very close to over cutting. My next complaint is the license plate light that was enclosed. It arrived slightly bent. It has several prongs on that provide tension to hold it in place. Right away I could tell that it was going to be a problem. It didn't seat well, and has continued to fall out. The first "long" ride I went on, the housing fell out, the light smashed and broke against my license plate, and then shorted out all of my electrics by blowing a fuse. I went to replace the light, and I happened to find the replacement in Wal-Mart for 79 cents. When spending 139 dollars on a kit, I expected more than a couple of pieces of sheet metal and a 79 cent light fixture.

Appearance: After finally getting it all together and installed, I am pleased with the way my bike looks. It has a very clean look and I do get many compliments on it.

Other notes: The kit requires moving the seat release and lock under and behind the license plate. It's a nice effect, and probably would confuse someone trying to break in. However, at one point, the cable came loose from it's new housing and would no longer work. I was unable to release the seat. I ended up having to remove most of the tail section of my bike before being able to fix it.

Additionally, I sent Competition Werkes an e-mail expressing my dissatisfaction with the product, etc. and received no reply. I would have no problem telling anyone NOT to buy a Fender Eliminator kit.


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