Fender Mod

Remember that all this is done at your own risk and I assume no liability for any actions you take after viewing this page. Your bike may differ from mine, as may your tastes and mechanical abilities.

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Fender Chop-Job/License plate remount:

1. To begin, I removed the license plate from the plate mount. I then removed the license plate mount itself (and disconnected the wiring), and the rectangular reflector beneath the tail light.

2. Next, I slid the plate mount up as far as I could, maintaining solid contact with the rear fender and ensuring I could still turn the seat release key. I marked the holes in this spot and drilled small pilot holes, followed by the fullsize holes.

3. Using all the original mounting hardware, I mounted the license plate holder in its new spot, using the now vacant hole that used to be for the rectangular reflector to run the wiring. I also had to add a washer to the inside of the fender as the metal sleeves for the plate mounting hardware are now 1/32" too long.

4. Next, I used masking tape to line out where I would cut. I made all cuts parallel to the earth and left 3/4" of fender under the bottom of the plate mount for support.

5. For cutting, I used a utility knife with a new blade. Score the lines lightly and carefully several times, applying more pressure each time and before you know it, you're through.

6. Take a medium grit sandpaper (80-100 works well) and sand the bare edges of the cuts.

7. Take a candle, LOW burning torch or some other flaming device and run it along the cut and sanded edges to get rid of any stray plastic and smooth everything out.

8. Mount plate, step back and enjoy.

Pics of a XX with these mods performed on it:

Comments from one who tried the above:

"I followed your tips to chop my fender & it looks great! One thing I changed was to feed the wires through the drilled out reflector hole on the right (the one that holds the reflector's "pin"), & then feed an 8 mm bolt through the one on the left to reattach the wire holder. Very tidy."


Comments and a different twist on the above, complete with drawing:

I Modified my turn signals and rear fender like you have outlined on your site. Instead of moving the whole plate mount and light like you did, I disassembled the mount and remounted just the light where the red reflector was. When you take off the reflector you will notice the hole for the bolt and another for the peg that keeps it from turning. By making that hole bigger and adding one just like it on the other side of the bolt hole plus making the center hole large enough to accommodate the light fixture, I was able to use the screws that hold the mount to the light to mount the light only. No wires are seen at all now.

Mike Bennington