Product Review

Gas Cap Decals from

by JeF4y

In the forum of the site, early on there was a thread on Gas Cap Decals which were custom made by "Coca-Cola Kid".  They looked really cool and are extremely reasonably priced ($15cdn) so I figured I'd get one.

Not knowing what to have put on the sticker for a logo or whatever, I asked him to just whip something up.  In a matter of minutes, he came back with a design that I liked and I had him send me two.  I got two because I figured I'd either mess one up while putting it on, or crash immediately afterwards :-)

The decals came in a CD mailer after a very short time.  I put them on at my Road America weekend, and they went on with no problem.  I really wasn't sure how to put it on, but it's a decal, this isn't rocket science.  I was pleased to find that the gas cap key was already cut out and all the holes were perfectly aligned.  I put the key cover on first, and then put the rest of the sticker on after I cut out where the key cover was so that the decal and paper could lay flat.

Talking to Coca-Cola Kid, he said that he made instructions to go with them, but I got my stickers before he started shipping a lot.  The instructions have you go over the sticker with a hair dryer to push down any edges that don't stick firmly.  I didn't have any problems, everything on mine stuck fine.

Here's the pics of it...


For $15CDN which works out to like $10USD, you can't go wrong.  They hold up to my beatings on the track, spilling gas on them, etc and look good while doing it.