Hole in 1! by Belzelbub

Today I witnessed a 2 year old get a hole in one. Well actually, I just missed the shot, but I was the one who got the ball out of the "cup."

My brother's GF's daughter Alexandria found some golf balls that had fallen out of my golf bag. She grabbed one, teed up, and fired it straight down the hole at the rear end of my bike's exhaust.

I grabbed a flashlight, and can only see black down the pipe. Time to get the tools out. Back half of the exhaust comes off, and I see the ball lodged right where the two pipes converge into one. Unfortunately, on the Two Brother's system, there is still enough of an upturn to prevent the ball from falling out.

I used the old bubble gum on a stick method, except lacking a stick of bubble gum, I made one out of Duct tape, and a broom handle. Ball comes right out.

Any of you parent's out there discovered any foreign objects down your exhaust? You're dying to check now, aren't you?