Life and Death of a CBR, a hit-and-run incident

By Kirt (no damned CBR) Senser.  Please EMAIL any info, comments or condolences to Kirt at

Time: Friday 7/30/99, 10:30 PM (or so)
Location: MD. Rt. 424, out in front of the Davidsonville Community Center.
My Vehicle: 1996 CBR 600F3 SJR (bone-stock)
SOB's Vehicle: Some kinda big late-model, red, 4-door thingy (hard to tell while sliding at 35 mph on one's

Here I sit, all busted up, in front of my PC 36 hours after my bike was totaled in a stupid accident. Before
anyone starts saying "I told you so" or anything like that, let me say that I was doing none of the "Squidly"
behavior that I am frequently seen on these lists talking about (wheelies, stoppies, etc.). I was merely making
a left turn...

I was heading northbound on MD Rt. 424 coming back from the store. There is a slight rise in the road about
50 yards down from the parking lot I was turning in to (the community center). As I always do on hills and
such, I moved farther to the right in my lane when approaching said hill (I've heard plenty of horror stories,
car and bike, about this kind of thing happening). So, as I approach the crest in the road, I begin braking to
make the left turn. I see an oncoming car. He appears to be in his lane. As I come off the rise, I discover, much
to my surprise, he is not. He is at least two feet into my lane, over the double yellow. I have less than a
second to react, and since I'm already on the brakes, the bike didn't want to turn at all. He hit the front of the
left side, right by the turn signal. I suspect he didn't take my leg off because he was already turning back into
his lane. The bike, either because of the impact, or my grabbing a whole shitload of front brake, kicked the
back end up and out to the side and I ended up doing a skidding stoppie at about 30 miles an hour. The bike
then hit the ground and I was thrown off. It skidded away from me, and I rolled to a stop. The car kept going.
As soon as I stopped moving, I was back on my feet, and people from the center were running towards me. I
walked past them, even though several tried to stop me, saying I needed to get inside and clean myself up
and see how badly I was hurt.

I got inside, walked into the bathroom and began checking myself out. Road rash all over my arms and legs,
through my pants and everything. I washed off my arms and hands, and then realized my knee really hurt. I
pulled aside my tattered clothes to see a hole in my knee about the size of a quarter. All the way to the bone. I
could touch my kneecap. It was crazy. I immediately ran back outside, and after grossing everyone out with
my knee, told them that I needed medical attention right away. There was no available phone at the building,
so my friend James and his girlfriend took me to the nearest emergency room. After about 10 minutes, the
adrenaline wore off, and everything started to hurt. To make a long and gruesome story short, after much
pain, many injections, and a cute nurse sewing me shut, I got patched up enough that I could go home. I am
very lucky. No missing limbs and/or fingers, much painful but otherwise harmless road rash, and a potentially
really cool looking scar on my knee. We eventually made it back to the scene, at which time I was doped up
on various pain-killing shots and Vicadin. My friends had cleaned up the bike, and moved it into the parking
lot. We took some poloroids of the wreckage, and in my drug induced delirium fell asleep. I woke up the next
day at a friend's house, in a whole shitload of pain.

I called the police the next morning (I know, it was probably too late, but I thought it was the right thing to
do). They couldn't take a statement over the phone, and said I needed to come back into Anne Arundel
County for me to speak to an officer. Of course, I couldn't get to Anne Arundel County, because I had no
transportation. My friends had gone out to pick me up stuff for my wounds, and I spent the entire morning
on the phone with my insurance company. Allstate, in an unprecedented show of concern for me, said that I
should be covered under MD State uninsured motorists something-or-other, and that they would cover
everything for me. They also said a police report would help, but wasn't really necessary. The cop, when I
spoke to him that afternoon, said that because of lack of evidence, and that I couldn't get a hold of them
quickly enough, that he couldn't do a full-on report. He did give me an incident number, and everything else
will be taken care of by my insurance. They said that they will be giving me the market value (supposedly
higher than blue book) of the totaled bike, a new helmet, and compensation for "pain and suffering" (I'm still
not sure what this is exactly). So, depending on how much money I get, I might be getting an F4 or something
along those lines. I'm anticipating that once I heal up (at least two weeks before I can ride again), that I will be
out shopping around, and that everything will turn out ok.

Pre-Crash pics, click to enlarge: