Justin the Sales-Wrench saves the day by Justin

Technically, I don't consider myself a salesman. I'm still a wrench. Now, I'm just a wrench that happens to sell bikes. It's kind of like walking in high heels...err.. I mean riding a bike, once you learn how, you never forget. Like I said, one of my main reasons for the switch was that I found myself burnt out. I loved the job, but I'd work on bikes all day, then when I got home, I just didn't feel like going after one of my own projects. I love messing around in my garage, and would rather be able to keep the hobby alive. Besides, as long as I still work around bikes, I'm a happy guy. And as you can see from the amount of posts I spew out, I love to talk about bikes. So selling them isn't exactly torture for me. I talk about bikes all day. Let me share a funny story that happened today, sort of sums up what I'm talking about. I was going to post it anyway, may as well tack it on to this thread.

We closed at 3, and I went into the office to copy a few pages from an F3 service manual for myself. One of the parts guys came in and asked me if I could wait on a customer. Keep in mind, I'm punched out and on my own time. Sure. Young family, 3 kids ranging from 4 to around 12. They were looking for a 50cc bike for the 4 year old. We talked about the merits of the Yamaha vs. the Honda for a while, and the kid sat on the Yam the whole time. Finally, mom told the lad he had to get off the bike, she didn't want him to knock it over. So she lifted him off it. He solemnly agreed to stay off it, but walked over to give the bike a kiss. I swear on my eyes! He kissed it! They decided on the Yam because it's an automatic, while the Honda has 3 gears. We went over what the payments would be and how much extra the training wheels on the bike would cost. Well, during the conversation, no one was watching junior. We turned around, and this kid is quietly pushing the bike across the showroom towards the door! He was halfway across the showroom! Damn, this kid was good! And cute! So, I tell them I can have it ready for monday morning. Since the service dept. was closed and the bike needed serviced. They quickly changed moods. They didn't even realize we were closed, and were disappointed to find out they couldn't have the bike today. Well, after what I had seen, I couldn't let them leave without the bike. I asked one of the other salesman to take mom in the office to get the paperwork taken care of, and I took dad and the kids the other way, so we could get the bike running. Got it all done and fired it. Junior lit up like Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny walked in the door. I showed him how to start it, and let him try it. He got it after a few kicks. The I told him how important it was to keep an eye on the injector oil level. Went all through the controls, and explained a few things to dad and helped them load it in the mini van. I got my new dressy clothes dirty and was an hour late getting home. And I didn't get paid for any of it. Commission on that sort of bike is very small, and I could care less if I get a dime out of it. I think I'm going to like this job. Sorry, got kind of long winded.

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