Product Review

Katewerk Helmet Painting

by JeF4y

Looking at my race photos from 2001, I realized that my look was, well, bland...  Something had to be done!  Enter Katewerk!


I really had no idea what I wanted to have done to the helmet, so I gave Kate free will.  I shipped my lid to her in Canada and we discussed what should be done with it.  Again, I really didn't care, but she came up with a few good ideas.  She was thinking an 'evil pumpkin' type design, but I wasn't up for the orange look.  Besides, there already is an 'evil pumpkin racing' team out there.

Then I found myself watching Stephen King's "IT" and realized that was what I wanted.  Kate went right to work and within a few days came out with my brand new lid!  She even filled in a few chips where I had rock dings, etc.

I'm quite pleased with the new look and my kids love it.  With any luck, it'll stay off the ground for the next few seasons, but if not, I know she'll be waiting for me to send her another!

Here's the 'before and after' shots





Visit Kate today and tell her 'JeF4y' sent you over!