The Lamest "bike" crash you've ever heard by "Dirty" Larry Fouts

O.K. here is my story really short and really lame. Friday night I was getting my 98 CBR900RR ready for my area's annual toys for tots ride,(very excited we usually get 100-150 bikes) everything is going well just polished the frame and swing arm, bike looks good I am just about finished when oh crap, I had forgotten to lube the chain. So I break out my trusty LP swing arm stand, chain is lubed, as I stand up I bump the rear of my bike it jumped forward and started to slide off of the stand as I ran around the right side of the bike to catch it my left leg caught on the swing arm. Well when my left leg stopped, my right kept going and I ended up doing a baseball type slide right as the bike fell over on my right leg. I heard a slight pop and when I pulled my leg out my foot was facing in a direction I had never seen it point before. To make a long story short. 5 inch Titainium plate and 6 screws (permanent) in my right tibia and I should be just fine in about 2 months or so. Well now isn't that the lamest non crash motorcycle story you have ever heard?

"Dirty" Larry Fouts

JeF4y's comments

If this were me, all I could see is the conversation while on the garage floor that would be something like this:

"You'd better lift honey because I'm *NOT* going to the hospital until that bike is upright!"