Product Review

Lockhart Phillips Rear Set Adapter Plates

by Sid

Here is a review of the Lockhart rearset adapters for the 99-current CBR F4 and F4i.


I chose the rear-set adapter plates rather than the Wood Craft rear-sets because of the price (retail is $114.95 but I only paid $100 with my discount at HotSpot Moto Performance in San Diego CA) as I was on a tight budget and I needed to raise the stock rearsets location for aggressive street and track riding ( I'm tired of the low, and always dragging CBR foot pegs!).

These adapter plates thank god are pretty strait forward as far as installation goes. Lockhart sends them in a sealed bag with two adapter plates, bolts and a new shifter rod.

All you have to do is remove the factory rear-sets, bolt the plates to the old location, and bolt the rear-sets onto the desired location on the rear-set adapters. They allow for 1 inch up and back or 1.25 inches up and 1 inch back. Don't forget to use some permanent lock-tite for a secure finish.

I opted to go with 1.25 inches up and 1 inch back as I wanted to minimize the chance of the foot pegs grounding out.

One problem: The only problem I encountered after installing these rear-set adapters was shifting. With the supplied shifter rod installed and set up for the normal 1 down and 5 up, I had a problem of getting into every upward gear! Every time I went to shift into second, third, fourth, etc, I would miss shift! This was not cool.

I later remembered Jeff's review on the GP style shifter and decided, that was the only was to go since I only do track and canyon riding.

After I reversed the shifter, all was well. I didn't take that long to get used to, and I kinda wished I had done the rear-sets and reverse shifter a whole lot sooner!

The verdict: They work great! The adapters with the stock rear-sets feel very solid, and I have not had a ground clearance issue since I installed them. If I had a bit more money I would have gone with the Wood Craft rear-sets. For those who don't have too much money to burn on rear-sets, go with the Lockhart Phillips adapter plates, you won't be disappointed.