Product Review of:
M4 High-Mount Race Slip-On courtesy of Me! (JeF4y)

Being as the stock can prohibited ground clearence quite a bit, I needed a high-mount pipe. Considering all the choices out there, I was stuck between M4, Devil and Micron. They were all about the same price within $50 of each other. M4 being the least expensive ($250), Devil being the most expensive ($300). I opted for the M4 based on a few recommendations and that they are made within the US (as is Micron, but M4 had more recommendations).

$270 on the ole Amex through (who else) and it's on my doorstep via "Speedy Delivery Services" a mere week later.

What's in the box?

Oval can, Hi-Mount S tube, mounting plate, mounting strap, nuts & stickers.

Looking at the pipe, I can tell this puppy's going to make some noise. It's straight through, no inside baffle except 1/2" all the way around on the sides. It's a good bit lighter than the stock system. I suppose I could have shaved at least 2 more pounds with the carbon fiber or titanium can. However, right now I just needed a hi-mount and the price was right.

Mounting was a whopping 5 minute ordeal. Slipped everything together, positioned it and tightened. They included some bolts with nylon spacers to mount the body work to, but being as how I don't have the stock cowl, or my Air-Tech rear end, I don't know what they're for. The instructions are a bit vague, but it's not rocket science we're talking about here.

Oh well, time to light it up. Take off the trickle charger, pull the choke and 2 cranks later it's shaking the garage walls. I let the bike warm up for about 10 mins as it hasn't ran in a few weeks, and then crank it up to hear it. THIS THING ABSOLUTELY HOWLS. I haven't heard it's equal. Puts the last D&D I heard to shame. Definitely something you'd want to think twice about before putting on the street.

I won't talk any performance gains as I have no clue. As you see in the pics, the bike's up on stands with no tires on it, etc. Furthermore without a dyno, anything I give is mere speculation. You can check out M4's homepage at and they have dyno runs, but they are using the Full System and I just have the slip-on.

Some pics of the pipe.