Product Review

Joe Rocket Phoenix Jacket

by Erick

Recently got a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket from (a great site for helmets and jackets...shipping is included and I've yet to find anyplace that offers lower prices for the same gear!!  Got my Miguel Duhamel Shoei RF900 Dragon replica helmet for $356--shipping included!!)  The Phoenix is a mesh textile jacket that's great during the (hot and humid VA) summer!  Looks almost like the chainmail armor medieval knights used to wear, but it's very light weight and extremely breathable, with CE armor galore (probably more than my "old" leather Joe Rocket Sonic jacket I think).  And the price?  I got it for $120 total, but recently checking the price at the site, it's up to $134.  However, shipping is included in the price.  At the dealerships, these things retail for $150 or greater, before tax.    


As I have not crashed (knock on wood) I can't give it a review for "crashworthiness", but if the big names like the Hayden's trust Joe Rocket, so will I.  I can however, rate it's fit and comfort.  Got a size Medium (I'm 5'7") and it fits well.  It has an adjustable waist, pre-curved arms, reflective logos, and 8" zipper for pants attachment.  The only complaint is that it's a bit snug on the biceps and forearms area when I button the arm "tightners".  But that's about it.  I have to give it big-ups on how cool it is during a hot day.  What a difference the open air mesh design makes on a steamy summer day!  On an overall scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, I would give it an 8, probably a 9 if it weren't for the tightness around the arms (then again, I work out and have relatively bigger arms than your average joe schmoe 5ft7in, 175lb guy).  If anyone is looking for a lightweight, COOL alternative to a leather jacket without sacrificing much protection, I would definitely, without a doubt, recommend the Joe Rocket Phoenix Jacket.