Product Review

Pit-Pal Oil Rack


by JeF4y

In making sure the new trailer is completely organized, I had been looking for a rack/shelf with which to store my oil, cleaners, etc.

Not knowing where to go, I swung by Hal's Harley Davidson, and they sent me back to their speed-shop who surprisingly had numerous models IN STOCK! I thought for sure it would be a special order item, but was thrilled to be able to get it that day.

Since I've always got a TON of different stuff to store, I opted for the large "Trailer Door Cabinet". 3 shelves worth of storage, and will hold 2 rolls of paper towels, along with a fold down shelf to work on.

Here's a few pics of it:

As you can see, there's plenty of room for anything you'd want to put in it. I'm very pleased with it, and not having to dig through crates to find a can of lube anymore. The product itself is quite nice, made of .09 gauge aluminum which is WELDED, not bolted together. It's very sturdy, and has a securing latch to prevent the door/shelf from flopping open.

The measurements on it are 30x25x5.5 and the retail price on it is $154.95

The folks at Hals were quite knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Plus, having items IN STOCK is a huge added bonus!

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