Product Review

R&R Racing VS LP-USA Rear-Stand

by JeF4y




When I first got into regular track riding a few years back, I had removed the sidestand from my F4.  Realizing that I couldn't leave it leaned up against my garage wall forever, I set out for a stand.  At the time, I was living in Iowa and had limited bike resources.  Needing the part fast, I ended up with a Lockhart Phillips USA 'under the swingarm' type stand. 

The stand cost me right about $80 by the time I left the shop.  It did its job pretty well in the beginning.  I have kept my bike on this stand for months at a time without it falling.


Enter some serious racing.  Now we've got a potential problem.  The pads on the LP stand have ripped on both sides and the stand is well, kind of unreliable.


During the past year, I've had the bike fall 4 times due to the 'pad' type swingarm stand.  Each time, it's cost me either a brake or a clutch lever.  Not to mention some 'pride points' while the other racers point and laugh.  Mainly, the bike has fallen while taking it off the stand, one pad will slip unexpectedly; or while going on/off of the front stand and one or both of the pads will slip.  It's just not a good design for repeated use.

Finally having ENOUGH of replacing levers and telling small children to stay out of falling distance, I picked up a new rear stand from Brett Ray of R&R Racing.  I met Brett at Road America last year (2001) and promised I'd pick up a stand. 

I'm a HUGE fan of Pit-Bull stands, and still own one of their front stands, but here was a company with a product that EASILY rivals the quality and finish of the Pit-Bull stand at $44 LESS!! (Pit-Bull Stand $129 - R&R Stand $85) So I got the R&R Racing rear stand.

Onto the battle...

The R&R Racing stand is about 2lbs lighter than the LP USA stand, and as pictured here is a good deal smaller, yet still packs more strength than you'll ever need. It is a simple unfinished aluminum, but all the welds are perfect and professional.  Also, it comes with the big 3" wheels which are fastened on with nylon lock-nuts (I replaced the standard nuts on the LP stand as they kept falling out).



Having a spooled stand is the ONLY way to go.  Even if it's for part-time use, I'd recommend nothing but a spooled stand.  In the end, it's simply not worth it watching your bike fall, and always having to be so 'cautious' when putting it on or taking it off the stand.

I also picked up an exhaust bracket for my M4 Highmount and some spools.  Here's a pic of the spools which are hand spun aluminum.

I'm still in the process of having spool mounts welded onto my swingarm, and I can't wait until it's finished.  I'm confident that I'll have years worth of good use out of this stand, and if my bike falls now, I truly deserve to be laughed at.


You can pick up a R&R Racing rear stand directly from R&R by calling 888-782-7676.  Tell Brett JeF4y sent you over.  It'll be the last stand you need to buy.