Product Review

F4/F4i Top Triple Clamp

by JeF4y

I've been a long time fan and user of Scotts Performance Products since first picking up a Scotts Steering Stabilizer (aka damper) years back. Their products are extremely reliable, functional, durable and perfectly made.

In preparation for the 2003 season, I decided to upgrade my stock top triple clamp to the Scotts clamp. My decision to do this was based on the built in mounting points for the Scotts Damper, and the additional rigidity of the Scotts clamp over the OEM clamp.

There's not much to tell about the clamp, the pictures do the most. Click on any to see full-size

What's in the box?

What's in the boxTop Clamp
Damper spacers
Allen Bolts

Everything you'd need to install the clamp and a damper with it.


Pics of the Clamp itself


Top view of Scotts Clamp bottom view of Scotts Clamp

Top & Bottom pics. Note the etching in the top. This is the cleanest cutting I've seen yet on a product. The bottom is just as clean. Every last edge is perfect. The anodized finish on the product also makes it a gorgeous addition to the bike.



Side-by-Side pics with OEM clamp

bottom view side-by-side Scotts - OEMside-by-side view Scotts - OEM

side-by-side top view Scotts - OEMside-by-side top view Scotts - OEM

As you can see from the pics, the Scotts top clamp is much thicker than the OEM clamp, adding to the rigidity of the clamp and keeping the forks stable. I don't have a scale granular enough, but the Scotts does outweigh the OEM clamp by a few ounces. The dual pinch bolts are a great addition to this piece in ensuring a solid mount, again contributing to the rigidity and stability.

Naturally, there are all the necessary holes and mounting points for the stock key lock and stock or aftermarket clip-ons. Additionally, the Scotts triple clamp allows for repositioning of the OEM levers to provide a different grip angle if so desired.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions

The install instructions are complete, accurate and very easy to read. There are excellent tips about how to get the key-lock off since it is attached with a hex nut and permanent loc-tite. They do not recommend using flames anywhere near the tank, but in my experiences, I've found the use of a small torch useful in heating the key-lock bolts to remove them. An alternative method would be to use a soldering iron to heat the bolts for removal.

Where can you get yours?

The fine folks at

email: or
Jake, Eric, Steve or Brad are top notch sales folks who have all the tech answers for anyone who calls. 818 248-6747 is the direct telephone number.

Please tell the folks at Scotts that JeF4y sent you!

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