Product Review

Scotts Rotary Stabilizer/Damper

by JeF4y

I performed a simple product review on this damper a few years ago on my first experience (read here), but feel that it's time to go through this product again with years of direct product experience under my belt.

I ordered a new Scotts Damper in preparation for the 2003 race season to use on the new CBR600RR. The ordering process is flawless. A simple phone call and within hours, the tracking number for shipment was in my email box. Four days later and it's here.

First off

I suppose I should go into why the Scotts Damper is the only damper I'll consider.

The top-mount rotary action damper provides perfect damping in every imaginable condition. It is extremely consistent, reliable and above all resilient. I have personally crashed with my Scotts damper somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 times in the last 3 years, and it is still in perfect functioning order. There is no other damper on the market which would have survived what I've put my Scotts through.

The ability to adjust high-speed and low-speed damping is a huge benefit. The low speed circuit will resolve normal headshake and slight disturbances, while the high speed portion absorbs significant disturbances such as tank-slappers or the abruptness of hitting a pothole. Additionally, the lowspeed adjustment can be made while riding or racing. There have been numerous times where I've increased or decreased the damping properties in the middle of a race based on wind, temperature, track surface, etc.

The damper is just plain easy. Easy to install, maintain, set, adjust, remove, reuse. There simply is nothing difficult about this damper.

What's in the Box?

What's in the boxThe packing for this product is a work of art. I love the use of custom cut foam which holds everything in place. I'm confident that UPS could literally punt this package without scratching or damaging the contents (heck, they probably do!).

Scotts Rotary damper Scotts Rotary damper Scotts Rotary damper

The Scotts damper is one which can be found on a very large percentage of racebikes. Why? Because it works, and works without fail. Ask any rider or racer who has ever owned a Scotts and they will tell you that it is worth every penny. I don't know of anyone out there who (after using a Scotts) would recommend anything but a Scotts.

Sure, you can get dampers for as low as $200 or even under, but when you realize that a side-mount damper will (likely) not survive a single crash, is impossible to adjust while moving and does not have separate adjustments for high speed, low speed and damping range, you realize that you're wasting your money.

Here are some of the comments that the manufacturer boasts.

What was so important?

Back to those couple of bright colored cards in the package:

click for fullsize
The red notice is somewhat amusing as I can't imagine how anyone could muck up returning the parts since the foam custom fits to protect the items. Besides, who would want to return these things anyway?!?!


The Package Deal

Scotts Damper and Triple Clamp Scotts Damper and Triple Clamp Scotts Damper and Triple Clamp

Here are pics of the combo package of Scotts Damper with Scotts F4 triple clamp. It's gorgeous as well as incredibly functional.

Where can you get yours?

The fine folks at:

email: or
Jake, Eric, Steve or Brad are top notch sales folks who have all the tech answers for anyone who calls. 818 248-6747 is the direct telephone number.

Please tell the folks at Scotts that JeF4y sent you!

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