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Thanks for stopping by to view my race bike and sponsors. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone involved in making this dream possible. First and foremost I must thank God. I also must thank my family for putting up with my obsession. And finally, last but certainly not least, my sponsors.

Please keep me in good graces with my sponsors and let them know JeF4y sent you!

Also, please check out the fine Products & Services which JeF4y Racing uses. They are all tried-and-true, they are the best products you can buy at a reasonable price. All of them are available through the direct product links, or from my fine sponsors below.

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Moto Liberty



Audrey Menarik is the owner of Moto Liberty, Silkolene Store and Sliderwoman.  Moto Liberty is PACKED with riding gear more than any other place I've been in.  She has gear in a wide variety of prices, sizes and styles.  Best of all, it's ALL in stock!

Sliderwoman.com is the one-stop source for knee pucks.  Audrey carries pucks in every shape, size, color and style.  Personally I use her ARI pucks as they last longer than any other puck I've seen.  Pick up a pair today and tell her I sent you for a special price on them!

Silkolene is the preferred lubricant of JeF4y Racing and many factory teams.  Their lubes are of superior quality and excellent price.  They have lubes and cleaners of every sort.  Don't sell yourself short with a cut-rate lube.  Pick up some Silkolene today!


Terry Embury owns Hi-Sideracing.com.  He is a long time racer as well as an instructor for Keith Code's CA Superbike School.  Terry has a vast knowledge of racing products and knows first hand how expensive this sport is.  He has gone to great lengths to offer an exceptional range of products at fantastic prices.  Hi-Side Racing is a one-stop-shop!


Kate McMillan has a passion for the airbrush.  She can perform wonders with your helmet, plastics, tank, car, whatever you need painted!


Jack Beaudry's passion for bikes and cameras is a perfect combination to capture your ultimate riding moment.  Whether it's a knee on the ground or you and your bike flipping through the air, Jack will capture it.

Trackside Engineering

Ed Kwaterski of Trackside Engineering has spent his life on suspension.  Ed has years of  experience on both factory motorcycle suspension and automotive active suspensions.   He the knowledge, experience and desire to give you a better ride.  What sense is an extra 5hp if you can't keep the bike on its wheels???

MD Racing

Matt Drucker, owner of MD racing knows first hand what it takes to get across the finish line first. Matt's extensive knowledge of engine building, and newly acquired Dan Kyle geometry / chassis alignment system will send you to the podium.

Scotts Performance Products

There's no dispute that the best steering damper on the market is gold, and on top. Yes, Scotts Performance Products will keep your bike stable under the toughest of circumstances. The superb performance of the Scotts reusable oil filter is another product you don't want to pass up.

Sponsorship information

Why would you consider sponsoring me?

Having your name/product/company on a championship bike is overrated!  Will it bring people into your shop to purchase your products?  Most likely NOT!  Especially at the club level.

Advertising is the key to it all.  I can provide you, your company and your products the exposure you need.  Directly to the markets who crave them!  And I can do it FAR cheaper than print advertising which has a MUCH smaller audience than my site.  

In the last year, my site has logged 5 MILLION hits from over 144,000 unique visitors!  I've received over 40,000 emails and a great deal of them led to references back to my sponsors!  IT WORKS.  Don't believe me?  Email me for sponsor references and hear what they have to say!

Please Email me for complete sponsor details and learn how you can receive:

I can't promise you that I will sweep my class, but I'm confident I will have better than average finishes and YOU will get the MOST and BEST ADVERTISING I can provide you along the way.

Please Email Me with any questions you may have, or any information as to how together we can foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

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