That Funny Squirrel Story by Ed Helbling

I dropped the bike for the 1st time today in the effort to not squash a squirrel. Looking back at it....I should have just used him for a furry speed bump.

Just driving along at 20 or so Mph. Next thing I see is a Squirrel run out about 7 odd feet infront of me and start doing the stupid creature dance of confusion. You know, you steer one way..he goes the same and just keeps darting back and fourth infront of you. Right when I thought he was actually going to keep going in one direction and was clear of the bike......he runs right back infront of me and actually stops this time.

So I grabbed the brake and locked up the front and laid the bike down on it's left side. I wasn't even lucky enough to catch the squirrel under the bike as it slid. "If I'm going, I'm taking you with me". I escaped with not even enough cuts to use a band-aid on. Bike on the other hand it pretty scuffed up. Cracked a few fairing and chewed up the rest. My new riding jacket now sports some new holes, and the leather gloves I had on are dead too. But I was able to walk away from it so I'm happy.

It's my 1st bike so I bought one that I knew was most likely going to take some damage. Oh well, on that note. Anyone have some extra plastic laying around for a metallic white 1990 CBR 600F (left side: maintenance cover, upper front, and side). I'm in no rush to repair it because I can't guarantee it won't be on it's side again anytime soon. Oh well, live and learn.....and just try and not die in the process.