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EBC HH brake pads and Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines courtesy of Me! (JeF4y)

When you gotta stop NOW there is no substitution! In my opinion, the only thing that will stop you faster than this combination is a brick wall.

An absolute must for the race bike, I've upgraded from stock lines and pads to EBC HH race compound brake pads and Goodridge Stainless Steel brake lines.

Everything went pretty smooth, I started by draining all the old brake fluid through the banjo bolts on the brake calipers. What didn't drain out of the master cylinder, I soaked up with cotton balls, making sure not to leave any stray fibers in the cylinder.

After I drained everything, I pulled the stock pads from the calipers and pitched them. I cleaned everything that I could on the calipers and installed the EBC HH pads. I then ran the lines which was pretty much a walk in the park, left line is longer than the right, all obvious stuff which was good as there were no instructions with the lines.

After I got the lines on, I put the front rim back on the bike so I could properly torque everything down and bleed the brakes. Torqued all bolts to specs and filled the master cylinder with Maxima race DOT 4 fluid. This was the best I could get locally and it has a minimum wet boiling point of 311 degrees. I will most likely change the fluid a few times this season and will be using Silkolene Pro-Race 2000 fluid.

Comparing the old fluid to the new, was literally night and day! The old fluid (stock Honda fluid) has been in there for 6000 street miles (including a couple of track days) and looked like coffee (see pic below). The new fluid was almost as clear as water. What a difference! The difference was so much that I flushed the rear line as well (even though I didn't replace the line or pads).

Following filling, I manually bled the lines which took about 20 minutes before no air bubbles were present. All in all, it went very well. Although it helped not having any body work on the bike.

I will have to get back to you and let you know the actual difference because right now the bike is not rideable. Although I have ridden on SS lines and HH pads before and there honestly is NOTHING like it.

Where'd I get my lines?
$90.00 + shipping. Took about 10 days, thus far the longest shipping time on any Hi-Sideracing product, but Terry warned me of this.

Where'd I get my pads? Aramel racing in CA is selling a number of items to benefit the rehab of one of their riders who had a serious accident this year. The purchase was of mutual benefit.

Time to change your brake fluid when it looks like this! Mind you, this is lighter than what actually came out because the fresh fluid mixed with the old coffee like stuff!

When you gotta stop NOW!

Pic of the dual Goodridge SS lines. I got the plastic coated lines so they won't chew up my body work.