Superman! courtesy of my good friend Todd Robinson

This is a GREAT MX story from my good friend Todd Robinson who gave up Sportbike riding and racing to attempt suicide via a Kawasaki KX 250.

Friday drove up to Shippensburg PA ( 2hrs away from Herndon) in the pouring rain. Got to the hotel and unpacked. The rest of the night was uneventful.

Saturday MX School: We started with basic cornering, with I was pretty good at. We did fast stand up berms and slow ruts. All with no problems. We then moved on to starts. Full throttle and fan the shit out of the clutch.. After lunch we did jumping. Here is were the day got interesting. They had one BIG table top that if you can clear that you should be able to clear the triple jump. I was clearing the table top after a few attempts, so I thought what the hell. I was going to try the triple. After casing the top of the triple 4 or 5 times I thought one last attempt. If I did not make it this time them I would stay with only doubling it. BIG Mistake. I not only cased it again but I got so out of shape that I high sided into a fence. Me and the bike were both ok. A little of a sore wrist. Anyway after that they gave us 45 min of free track time. I was finally able to ride the whole track and not just bits of it. The track is about 2 miles long and after the second lap I was feeling very fatigued. I have been working out very hard to get fit for this shit but I guess I need to get stronger and work on my endurance. I did about 4 laps and was wiped. I packed up the truck and trailer and went back to the hotel. Had a feed and hopped into the hot tub.

Sunday RACE DAY :-) Niki joined me on Sunday. We did arrive a bit early and she was a big help getting the pit set up. I went and signed in. I wanted to do the 250C class but my Dist 7 membership is for the +25 B class. I thought ok. I'll do the class I'm meant to do. BIG MISTAKE #2. I went out for practice with these guys and they are fast! but I thought I'll give it a shot. I lined up for my first race of the day, and while setting the bike in my starting gate I noticed the rear end was a little loose. I found a swing arm bolt loose. I raced back to the pit and tightened it up. Got back just in time for the start. The gate dropped, and I got stuck in the gate. I was to far forward and the gate fell on my front wheel. I had wait and go with the next wave. No prob I actually got the hole shot and started to catch a few in my class. Every thing was feeling good. I got through the first lap ok. On the second I came around a left hander and launched off the first of a set of double jumps. Landed all wrong. Front wheel in one rut and the back in another... I was so out of shape on the landing that I dropped my right elbow and in turn pinning the throttle wide open. This launched the bike sky ward off the second double with me hanging off like superman. When it was over I saw the bike about 100 feet away and I knew there was something was wrong with my left ankle. Took my boot off and my ankle blew up like a balloon. After the whole Paramedic thing I saw the KX. I about cried. the front end is toast. I have yet to do a full damage report as Its still dirty. Anyway here is the part were my wife became my hero. She single handily loaded the bike and packed up the pit, drove me home and unpacked every thing. I owe her big.

Monday Hospital. Nothing broken. Very bad sprain. On crutches for 2 weeks.

I hope to race on Oct 8th. This is the start of the new seasons points.

The worst part of this all is I was riding over my head.. I need to walk before I run. ( you might need the same advice ). The wife and I saw some poor guy flip his bike and land from 35 feet up... He got a medavac ride. Niki is not to happy with all of this right now. I need to take it easy on her for a few weeks. That will be no problem.