Product Review

Fieldsheer Tattoo 1pc Leathers


by JeF4y

Back in the winter of 1999, I picked up my first set of full leathers.  It was a 2pc Fieldsheer Phantom suit.  I bought them because the price was right.  After wearing them and starting racing, then subsequently crashing repeatedly I grew quite fond of the Fieldsheer product line.

The Phantom suit has held up through it all.  This suit has been down more times than a retired porn queen, and it's still got life left in it.  It held up when I crashed on the straight at BlackHawk Farms doing well over 100mph, and all my other mishaps.

So why would I replace it?  Well, it's completely black and not vented in the slightest way.  After thinking I was going to die in the 105 degree heat of Mid-America Motorplex, I resigned to needing a new suit.  That said, I'm not "replacing" it, just adding a "warm weather" suit.  I'll keep the Phantom for cold and rainy days, such as those in the beginning and end of our Mid-West season.  

A quick call to Audrey from Moto Liberty and I manage to pick up the top-of-the-line Fieldsheer Tattoo suit from her distributor who is about 20 mins away from my house.

Front view of the suit    Rear view of the suit

So, what can I say about the suit?

Well, the manufacturer boasts of the following:

MSRP on the suit is $799.99 (but you all know that Audrey can do better than that!)

I have to say that the stitching looks very good.  The Phantom held up through many crashes, and this suit has the same type of triple stitching.  This was VERY important to me, as I've seen a number of brand new suits completely blow apart on impact. 

Forearm stitching is stitched, rolled over and stitched again.    Butt stitching is double rolled and double stitched

The hard armor is another huge plus.  There are many suits available under $1000, but a good share of them have soft armor!  This is completely unacceptable for me.  I want to have the most protection available.

The zip out liner is pretty cool too because it makes repair much easier, and also makes cleaning a whole lot quicker and more convenient.

Inside liner zips out & collar bones have padding

The collar bone padding was one that I had to get used to.  At first, it seemed to somewhat choke me, but after a day it feels fine.

The perforations in the front and thighs are a life-saver in the 90-100 degree heat of summer racing.  It's so nice to get off the bike and be able to sit down in front of a fan to cool off through my leathers versus coming in and stripping my leathers off as fast as I can.

The knee pucks are about the same quality as any suit manufacturer who makes a knee puck (stick to making suits and leave the puck making to ARI).  Here's a pic of one of my pucks after 3 races at Road America.  Dragging through the carousel for 1/2 mile every lap will eat these pucks away in a day.  I switched the right to the left and will make it for a couple more days, then I'll put on the ARI pucks from

Provided knee pucks look nice but don't last.  Recommend replacing with ARI knee pucks

I haven't been down in the suit yet, but rest assured, it will eventually be thoroughly tested.  Once I do take a slide in it, I'll be sure to give you the update as to how it held up.  Based on past experience though, I'm sure it will fair quite well.

Where can you get yours?

Audrey Menarik of Moto Liberty is always ready to do what she can to help out the rider/racer.  She has Fieldsheer in stock for you to pick up, or she ships daily.  If you contact Moto Liberty, please let them know you read about them here.

Pics of the leathers in action!


Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about Moto Liberty, or my Fieldsheer gear.

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