Mr. Turbo!

PhuzzyGnu witnessed and snapped a few shots of this Phenomenal Blackbird.

Click on any pic to see it in fullsize.

First, the specs:

1997 Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird.
Mr. Turbo/Garret T-3 turbocharger, variable boost
335 rear wheel horsepower with 30psi boost and race fuel
+/- 240 rear wheel horsepower at 12 psi on pump gas
Fuel injected
Ported and flowed head
Modified camshaft
Full-radius valve job
Carillo rods
JE pistons
Fallicon crank
Modified clutch/basket/springs
Undercut stock transmission
Stock radiator
4" stretch custom swingarm
+10 degree raked fork
4" chopped fuel tank
Marchesini wheels
Stock 45/17 gearing

Mid 8 second quarter mile
Top speed well over 200 mph with proper gearing

Now, onto the pics!