All wallpaper here is 1024x768 in size and filesizes range from about 80k - 150k. Open the image, wait for it to load and save image (generally by right clicking the image and selecting "save as") or right click and select "set as wallpaper".

You MUST open the image to save it as the pics you see here are separate thumbnails, and will not work for wallpaper.

Note, most of these images were found at:

If one of these images happens to belong to you and you wish for me to remove it, mail me.

01 F4i

Multi Sportbike wallpaper

This image is courtesy of Jeff "Schmol"

Euro FY Wallpaper

This image is courtesy of Dave Flemming

Dutch F4 Wallpaper

This image is courtesy of Walter from Holland

F4 Wallpaper

This image is courtesy of Lostwire

Fireblade Wallpaper

Fireblade Wallpaper

VFR Wallpaper

VFR Wallpaper

XX Wallpaper

F4 Cockpit Wallpaper

F4 Cockpit Wallpaper with NEON effect. This is pretty cool!

F4 Sideview Wallpaper

F4 Sideview Wallpaper with NEON effect.