Product Review: Wintex Racing Gloves by JeF4y

To my surprise and pleasure, I was recently introduced to Wintex motorcycle gear. I've never heard of this company from Austria, but after checking into their products, I find them quite a value for the quality presented.

I've picked up a pair of the "Racing" gloves offered by Wintex. The stated features are:

First try on impressions:
Whoa! What's this? They're completely lined! Wow, this can be both good and bad. It makes them much more comfortable, and I think will keep my fingers warmer, but will I sweat to death in the summer? Probably not. This would be due to the inside "polyurethane layer" which wicks moisture away from the hands.

UPDATE Nope, you will NOT sweat to death in them. The venting works superbly!

The fit and finish is excellent. I thought that they would take some time to break in, but after wearing them for about 5 minutes, they fit, well, like a glove. Nothing pinches or binds, nothing too long or too short and the sizing isn't goofy. An XL is an XL, not 1 up or 1 down like some others.

A great deal of attention seems to have been devoted to the design of these gloves. The carbon fiber molded protection pieces are directly over all knuckles and are shaped perfectly. The 2 velcro enclosures are spot on. The gauntlet is large and closes well. The second velcro strap for the wrist keeps the glove perfectly placed and secure. There's even extra leather which flaps over the wrist strap so if you're sliding palm down, it's not going to come undone. All the stitching is tight and there are no threads hanging or gaps in the stitching.

The palms have double leather over the "outside edge" and pinky finger, over the crotch of the thumb and forefinger, and double leather & kevlar in the "heel" of the palm.

The back side is quite sturdy, with ergonomically formed carbon fiber inserts over all knuckles. All of this is double stitched in a second layer of leather. There is also a softer (not completely rigid) carbon fiber insert over the outside wrist bone.

The fingers are perforated on the insides, and there is perforation as well on the top side of the wrist.

I'm very impressed with the quality of these gloves and the other Wintex products I've seen. They easily rival Dainese, Spidi, and many other top names at a fraction of the price. They're just plain "THAT GOOD." The price tag on these gloves is $99.00. I don't think you can touch this kind of quality for under $100.

UPDATE I went down with these gloves on and they're fantastic. Sustained not so much as a scratch or bruise on my hands with them. The strength and construction of gloves shows! Stitching held beautifully, the Carbon fiber knuckle piece, and double leather took the brunt of the force (right on the pinky). Just a couple of scuffs to the gloves. I'm convinced!

So, where can you get your hands in them?

Contact and tell him I sent you.

About this review:
Yes, is a sponsor of mine. However, I sought them out based on products, service and reputation, not "what they would give me for promoting them". My comments on the Wintex products and Moto-Heaven are my honest feelings, sponsor or not. Try them out for yourself and send me your comments. You will be glad you did!