Wish list

Folks, it's become quite evident that I'm in need of a LOT of spares, and a few "nice to have" bits. Each item is pretty cheap, but when combined, they get quite expensive. If you have any of these items laying around, or would be interested in helping a guy out, I'd be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

If you have any of these items, I'd be happy to pay shipping and a reasonable price. If you'd like to "Sponsor" me with a new item, please contact me as I can get you in touch with one of my Sponsors to ensure you get wholesale "dealer cost" pricing.

The items DON'T have to be new, just servicable. If they're scratched or have some rash or bent a bit, it's OKAY!

I don't want to sound like a Televangalist or anything, but that bent shift lever you've got in your bin of parts collecting dust would MAKE MY DAY and possibly save me from sitting out from a race!

Email me with comments or any ideas as to how you can help me here.


The official "Public Thanks" List

Public thanks hereby goes out to the following folks for their contributions: